Tanquility – Decision Support Solutions for Tank Container Operators

Tanquility will unlock the full potential of your tank container fleet

Unlock the potential

Outstanding tank container operators excel in the following two aspects:

  • Tools to support decisions in the scope of forecasting, empty repositioning, pricing, producement of third party services and fleet management.
  • Organizational processes and routines that ensure that the best decisions are made and optimally executed.

Optimize your business

We assist our clients with the design and implementation of advanced integrated business planning and optimization tools. Moreover, we support you in embedding the effective use of the decision support tools in your organizational processes and routines. This will elevate your tank container business with a competitive edge.

About Tanquility

Waldemar Finke, Paula van Kuil and Jochem Donkers founded Tanquility, a specialized management consulting agency that helps you to optimize your tank container logistics business. We all have our own unique background, experience and knowledge with a common drive and believe that the complicated tank container business can be simplified and optimized.  

Waldemar Finke

Waldemar Finke has 20 years of tactical and operational experience with tank container and flexitank operators in a wide scope of roles from business development to pricing strategies, technical manager to business unit manager. Over these 20 years he has been based in 5 countries on 4 continents for Hoyer Global Transport, Stolt Tank Containers and others.

Over the past few years, he has worked as an individual specialist through WalFin Project Management for companies such as Newport Tank Containers, TankBag LLC, and behind the scenes at other tank container companies.


  • Phone: +31 6 8359 6686
  • waldemar@tanquility-consultants.com

Paula van Kuil

Paula van Kuil has extensive experience in improving processes at various departments giving her a helicopter view of the overall business. Paula started her career at Maersk Logistics and learned the basics of Forecasting and S&OP at DSM. As a Business Optimization Analyst at Stolt Tank Containers she owned the forecasting and budget process and optimized empty repositioning and pricing strategies. Paula continued as Business Controller at ADP before conducting numerous Supply Chain Planning projects for various companies.

Paula holds a bachelor degree in Finance and Accounting from HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and an MSc. in International Logistics from University of Plymouth.


Jochem Donkers

Jochem Donkers has extensive experience in embedding the use of information and analytics technology in business processes within the shipping and logistics industry. He has experience of both as an expert within shipping organizations such as Clipper Group, Nordic Tankers, and Stolt-Nielsen and as an external consultant with companies such as Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics, DB Cargo, NileDutch, Höegh Autoliners, and Mediterranean Shipping Company.

Jochem holds a bachelor degree in Finance and Accounting from Hanze University of Applied Sciences, an MSc. in Management of Innovation and Business Development from Copenhagen Business School and a post-graduate certificate in Operational Research from the University of Strathclyde.